Below are the changes that you will notice during your patient journey from booking to treatment and beyond as part of the clinic’s infection control protocols.

When Booking:

You will notice that appointments start at different times now, rather than every hour or half hour. This is due to time being automatically booked into the diary after each appointment, allowing for airing of the treatment room between patients.

This gap between appointments will simultaneously reduce the likelihood of you coming into contact with another patient as you arrive and leave. This is further aided by only one treatment occurring at a time at the clinic.

When going through the booking process, you will be asked if you or anyone in your household has had recent Covid-19 symptoms and instructed not to attend if so.

Upon arrival:

You will be asked upon arrival to wash your hands in the bathroom or use the alcohol gel provided in the waiting room.

A notice in the waiting room will remind you again to reschedule your appointment if you have had recent Covid-19 symptoms.

The Consultation and treatment:

Your Osteopath will wear a face covering at all times.

You will be asked to wear a face covering also. If you have forgotten to bring one with you, not to worry, one can be provided to you.

Your Osteopath will wash their hands thoroughly before your treatment begins and this will be followed by further hand sterilisation using 80% alcohol hand sanitiser .

Fresh disposable couch covers and a sterilised pillow will be used for each treatment.

After your treatment:

Disposable couch covers will be discarded and replaced after every patient and the pillow sterilised.