Seasonal Affective Disorder (The Winter Blues) and Vitamin D

It feels like the Winter is already upon us and the clocks are going back soon. Not many people feel happy about the thought. For some people the winter season always brings a slight reduction in energy levels, but for others it is an annual battle with the blues that goes on through to springtime.
The condition of being affected by seasonal changes is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and it is extremely common. It results from a deficiency of Vitamin D, a vital hormone whose precursor Vitamin D3 is derived from sunlight exposure. As the sun gets weaker our Vitamin D levels begin to drop.

Vitamin D is famously important for Calcium absorbtion from the digeative tract which keeps your bones strong and your muscles functioning properly.
However, Vitamin D also has a role in cognitive function and is very important in mood regulation.
Supplementing Vitamin D during the winter months can make a huge difference to your mood.

The recommended daily allowance is 600 – 800 International Units and this can be easily taken in capsule form each day. For dietary sources oily fish and egg yolks are really good sources but may not contain enough alone to compensate for the lack of sunlight in the winter.

Keeping fit is another fantastic way to survive the winter blues.
Exercising causes endorphins to be released in the body. These are hormones that make you feel happy. Increasing your fitness training will increase your endorphin levels, making another huge difference to your Winter mood!

Combining Vitamin D supplementation with an increase in your exercise levels is a great way to tackle the Winter blues head on so that you can continue to be your happy self despite the misery outside.

Have a safe, warm and Happy Winter from all the team at Farringdon Osteopaths!